Shops at Talisman Shopping Centre will be re-opening from Monday, June 15 and visitors are asked to follow social distancing advice and guidelines.

Signage has been installed around the shopping centre to provide information on this guidance.

Staff and visitors are advised and encouraged to keep a two metres distance from others where possible.

Individual shops at Talisman will be taking steps to ensure all customers are safe and protected as best as possible – to avoid transmission of Covid-19.

Hand sanitiser facilities have been installed at the Talisman House and Sexton House entrances, and appropriate risk assessments have been made to ensure social distancing is possible.

Hugo Hawkings, chief executive of Discovery Properties – the developers of Talisman Shopping Centre – said: “We welcome the reopening of many shops at Talisman Shopping Centre from Monday.

“We are contacting all our tenants to clarify protocols and new guidelines over social distancing.  In addition, signage will be installed to remind shoppers of social distancing advice.

“Visitors are asked to adhere to social distancing rules across the site and we trust that the people of Kenilworth will follow these conditions.

“Our shops provide important services to the town and it’s fantastic to see them ready to re-open and get back to business.

“We look forward to welcoming shoppers back to Talisman Shopping Centre and hope that responsible shoppers can quickly bring the centre back to a new normal.”