New book gives true story account of triumph over childhood abuse

Few books have ever given the reader such a close-up, candid view of what goes on in the psychotherapy room as ‘The Girls Within’ by debut author Gill Frost from Kenilworth.

It tells a true story of one woman’s battle with dissociative identity disorder (DID), a mental health condition which develops as a result of extreme childhood trauma.

Gill, who has 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist, visited Kenilworth Books in Talisman Shopping Centre on Wednesday November 4, to sign copies of her book at a COVID-secure event at the shop.

The book offers a unique opportunity to witness the emotional twists and turns of therapy between Gill and her middle-aged female client, Vivian.

Some of her traumatised internal younger parts make themselves known to Gill in therapy and their story of shocking abuse unfolds. These young girls, little Vivvi, aged six, and Izzy, aged eight, work tirelessly to achieve healing and integration.

Sadly, abuse in childhood is not rare, yet when training as a medic or therapist, there is virtually no core training given for dissociative disorders such as DID.

Gill said: “Specialist training for professionals would lead to more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment for survivors of childhood trauma. This vulnerable group deserve more understanding, empathy and hope for recovery.”

This was the first book signing in Kenilworth Books since the shop reopened after the first lockdown in the spring.

Owner Judy Brook said: “It was great to have a book signing once again in our shop, and for it to be around a book based on such an interesting true story made it even better.

“We’re very happy to be stocking such an inspiring book, especially one from a Kenilworth author, which offers hope to survivors of childhood trauma.”

Richard Dixon and Gill Frost and Judy Brook

And Mayor of Kenilworth, Cllr Richard Dickson, who attended the book signing event, added: “It was fascinating to speak to Gill about how her experience with Vivian inspired her to write her first book.

“I hope this book becomes a catalyst for raising awareness of the devastating impact of childhood trauma. It could make a difference to some people’s mental and physical health in our local community and beyond.”